How I Remember What I Read

Here’s my path to greater recall on the new ideas I read in books:

1.) I highlight/ underline as I read a chapter.

2.) I stop when the chapter is completed to go back and re-write the highlighted passages into Evernote. There’s two important techniques to point out at this step:

a.) I don’t copy + paste the highlights if reading on Kindle

b.) Using the Feynman method of Knowing Something VS Knowing the Name of Something, I abstain from using the new word I have just learned. I re-write the highlighted concepts using my very own language. I try to to be as concise as possible at this step, writing each sentence loaded with information with the fewest possible words.

3.) Exploiting the psychological idea of the Spacing Effect (memory is greater when studying is laid out over time exercising your ability to recall) I throw my newly re-written concepts into a Spaced Repetition app. These apps test my memory on the new concepts and as I correctly recall the concepts during review time, the app will lengthen the space between my next review. If I fail the review, it will shorten the space between my next review. Here’s a great YouTube video describing Spaced Repetition in depth.

4.) I supplement my reviews with discussing/ teaching these ideas with friends to find gaps in my knowledge.

Apps I use (Spaced Repetition App. Looking for a better one) (Free Note Taking App)